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December 5

Tree Stump Removal

tree stump removal


Tree Stump Removal – the how and why?

In this article we discuss the reasons for tree and tree stump removal so you know when it is necessary to have this service done.

Even though the modern line of thinking is saving trees and a green pollution free environment, there are circumstances that necessitate tree and tree stump removal. However before doing so, it is advisable to check with the local councils as some of them mandate prior permission even for removing trees from private property.

A few of the common reasons for tree and stump removal are:

•    Clearing sites for new construction

This is very common in today’s world. Large tracts of wooded land have to be cleared for new construction and development of residential or commercial projects. But in most cases after completion of building, mass scale planting of saplings is taken up to compensate for tree removal.

•    Hazardous tree management 

Trees struck by lightning or those stressed out due to other environmental factors become structurally weak. If efforts at strengthening then with cables and bracing come to naught, they are removed. This is to protect surrounding life and property if the tree falls over.

•    Landscape beautification 

An old dead and decaying tree can spoil the beauty of a garden, estate or public park. Removing them will help pave the way for fresh plants or even colourful flower beds. Closely growing trees with dense canopies block out sunlight from the ground. Removing one or a couple of trees can liven up the surroundings.

Help should always be taken from skilled arborists for tree and tree stump removal. They have specialised machinery and required skills to bring down large trees without damage to adjacent areas. Further, they will also remove the stump along with the tree. Apart from occupying a patch of green, stumps left behind become a breeding ground for fungus and termites therefore turning into a health hazard. Arborists have equipment that instantly grinds the stump to mulch.

If ever you have a tree or tree stump that has to be removed, it will be wise not to treat it as a DIY activity and call a professional like Hollands Tree Services with experience in this field.

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