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May 14

Qualified Arborists in Christchurch

Do you know how important it can be to employ the services of a fully qualified Arborist? At Hollands Tree Services, we insist on all our team being fully qualified Arborists for two reasons.

1. Trees incorrectly felled or trimmed can cause significant problems for building structures and even passers-by in the future. It is important to hire an experienced and fully qualified Arborist. You would not hire a builder who has not completed their certification, so why would you hire an unqualified arborist who can have just as much impact on your property? You can rely on Hollands for professional services you can trust. With a team of qualified Arborists in Christchurch, we can cater to residential and commercial customers with ease. We have been taking care of trees in the region for over ten years, and have a prompt and friendly team to tend to all of your requirements.

2. The second reason, we insist on qualified Arborists is to ensure a standard of both safety and tree services. Qualified Arborists understand the intricacies of tree services, and the safety processes required when they are operating above the ground. Pruning or caring for any tree can be dangerous work and even more so when operating a chainsaw above the ground at significant heights. Many of the services you require an Arborist for, are ones that can have a significant impact on your property, safety, and even general enjoyment of your yard, so it is important that you ensure you only hire professionals.

Hazardous tree assessments are one of the most intricate tasks for Arborists. A healthy tree can change into a hazard without warning for the inexperienced and requires trained experience to assess and deliver reports accurately. We deliver some of the most comprehensive reports, fully evaluating the tree’s impact on nearby structures, people and its overall risk factor. There are many who know the trade, but few that understand the delicacy of tree care services in this particular city.

Tree removals are a job that should be done by qualified Arborists in order to eliminate hazards, and here at Hollands we handle each job with care. We are members of The New Zealand Arboriculture Association as well as being NZ Horticultural Training Assessors. We are fully insured for your protection and compliant with all current OSH and NZAA safety recommendations.

To learn more about our Arborist services, or to inquire about pruning or a large tree removal job at your property, request a quote today.

Tree services are not something to leave to an inexperienced or unqualified Arborist. At Hollands Tree Services, we handle all tree situations with state-of-the-art machinery and highly skilled professionals. As leading ‘tree surgeons’ in Canterbury we can even offer advice on a range of other tree care problems. Contact us today to experience for yourself the difference of a qualified professional, and the skills that have made us one of the leading Arborist businesses in Christchurch.

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